[HELP] Aeotec Home Energy Meter setting up

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Hello everyone !

I am really struggling setting up my Home Energy Meter (HEM). I already have incorporated the HEM to HA but here I am with all my disordered values… (disordered and without any sense to me as there is a value for each clamp).

So, the big question is : How should I proceed to have something useful?
I can’t figure out (among other things) where should I correct parameters as mentioned in the official Aeon docs for example. (Parameters 101-103, 111-113 etc.)
I would like for example a simple view of the instant/daily/yearly consumption.

I’m really sorry to come and ask you something so basic.
Unfortunately I’m not part of the computer world but I’m very interested and keep learning but today I ran out of idea. I sincerely thank in advance those who agree to help me !