Help and advise in building ubiquiti at home

Hello, I have been reading a lot regarding that matter but I see many confuse discussions about it.
My situation is: a fiber router for internet (provided by my isp), a set of 3 orbi netgear for extending wi-fi and a 24 ports switch.
I would very much like to move to ubiquiti so I can “unify” my network. I am not a coder, but an advanced user. This a big home with 10 to 15 wired connections and 30 to 40 wi-fi connections.

Where to start and what to buy (budget conscious)?

You have lucky timing. Subscribe to this youtube channel. Rob has just started a series on exactly your question.


This is more a question for the Ubiquiti forum :wink:

I agree, but have you seen the state of their forums? :nauseated_face:

Also I imagine Rob will give a home assistant centric view of the requirements and setup, which (although he did not say it) I am going to assume is what fernmac wants.


Thank you so much for the video! really on time. And yes the network upgrade is mainly because of home assistant.
So if I understood correctly, all I need is the dream machine, a switch and AP. Nice!

Pretty much. Maybe more than one AP if you have a big area to cover or lots of clients.

Keep watching for future episodes on securing and segregating your network.

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It’s a lot of money so I think I will start with the dream machine and upgrade the switch later…

Yeah, even for ‘prosumer’ devices it can add up quickly.