Help! Baby Buddy, Next Feeding

Hi All,

My wife and I just got home from the hospital with our first baby. Woohoo! We have baby buddy and we have it integrated into our home assistant. We also have lamps with colored bulbs in each room that we use as signal lamps.

My wife was asking if I could set the lamp to turn a color when its time to feed the baby again. I like the idea and baby buddy does push in the end time for the last feeding. (see screenshot.)

I am not great at automations or script and I am not sure how I would create a template send to be something like “sensor.next_feeding_time”. I haven’t seemed to be able to put together a strategy and the date/time math to create something to trigger of off. Any help at all would be appreciated. It probably doesn’t help too much that we got home from the hospital yesterday and I am running on about 4 hours of sleep, but this one sounded simple, but it has got me.

Thanks in advance,

Aaron (Super tired first time dad)

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First of all…congrats!

This solution is hypothetical, but I think it should work and give some flexibility.

I think I would create a template sensor (can use the Helper integration to set it up) to put the “end” time into a sensor. The template just needs to pull the “end” attribute. Just change “automation.laundry_automat_dryer” to the entity you showed in your screenshot and change “last_triggered” to the attribute name for the end time. It’s probably just “end” but you can verify by checking the entity in the States tab in Developer Settings:

So, add this to a template helper with the updated entity and attribute values and set the “Device class” to Timestamp.

{{ state_attr("automation.laundry_automat_dryer","last_triggered") }}

Then, in your automation, set the trigger to that new template sensor changing value and use the “for” option to set the feeding period. The flexibility is, assuming this works, that you can just update the “for” period as the feeding schedule changes (e.g., moving from 4 to 6 hour intervals).

I just wanted to follow-up and express my genuine appreciation. I was able to get this working with your help.

Thanks Again!

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