Help Building Battery Pack

This won’t be really for an ESPHome installation but I figured I would throw this out there for all my fellow ESP enthusiasts since I bet someone has done it!

I want to build a battery pack to deliver 12v and up to 2a to drive a curtain motor. I’ve been reading various articles but none of them agree how make it safely. I want lithium batteries and was thinking 3-4 18650 batteries with a USB port to charge up the battery when it dies.

I’ve read about using a buck on 4 or boost on 3 but what really caught my attention is how to protect against overcharging 3-4 batteries or doing this in any unsafe way that might cause batteries to explode.

This needs to be relatively thin as it’s going to sit behind the blind frame to drive the motor. The one that comes with these particular drapes is this one, but they don’t sell these as accessories and I cannot find anyone who sells them (or I would buy instead of build). This particular battery pack (I haven’t cracked one open) seems to be about the right size for 3-4 18650’s so I figure that might be how they are doing it. The battery pack lasts quite some time, I’ve not even gone down 5% in over a month of use.

Even though it’s different, you might get a few things out of this vid and the superpower project.

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