Help! cant get samba to work

hey all…i am trying to get samba to work and got this error how can i solve it plz :slight_smile:


Guest no longer seems to work. I finally got my samba working with a very stripped down config as follows:

  "workgroup": "WORKGROUP",
  "username": "hassio",
  "password": "I-used-my-legacy-api-password",
  "interface": "",
  "allow_hosts": [

what is the api password ?

I think you can use anything you want. I just used my password for HA from previous versions so I wouldn’t forget it.

See the docs for what is allowed as configuration variables.

ok there is progress but says user and password wrong

Back in your samba config, change the network from what mine is ( to what yours is ( then use the user name and password you specified in the same config file.
Don’t forget to restart samba every time you change the config file.

it worked !!! thanks!!!