Help creating new light from harmony

So… First thanks for the help of the community, I’ve learn a lot.

I need help to create a light:

I have a harmony hub, and a led strip controlled via IR, in the harmony all IR devices are set as enterteinment, and i need to change it to homecontrol light (because as a enterteinment device confuse some things in harmony… and turn off my tv, long story)

what i need to do is to create a light switch (just on off), using the service from harmony:{“entity_id”:“remote.Harmony”,“device”:“44417871”,“command”:“PowerOff/PowerOn”} so i can expose it with emulated_hue… quite complacted, do i explain myself?

The emulated_hue is already configured so if I manage to create a light switch that turn on and off the light using the harmony service mentioned above, it should work.