Help debugging this error please

Hi. I am consistently getting this error in my log. Any ideas how I can find the culprit??

https :// Uncaught TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object

Does this part help me ID the resource? 7ac4ac3c.js

See this post and follow its instructions.

I’m sure he’s happy you actually helped him :frowning:


Thank you Bob. As per the link you sent me. My title was not “please do all the work for me - I am lazy”. It was help me debug the message. I was hoping somebody could simply help me understand the message, so I could try and isolate the issue and fix it.

I made some changes recently to comply with v0.92.1, so will backtrack in the hope of finding my problem.

Thanks for your interest.

No one is accusing you of being lazy. Title could have been better but meh whatever.

I’ve seen a few instances of this error too but so far have been unable to determine what causes it.

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I’ve been getting this error since today too. Not sure what it’s causing it so far tough… Uncaught TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object

3:22 PM components/system_log/ (ERROR) - message first occured at 3:22 PM and shows up 5 times

Throw us a bone here.
What type of installation?
What version of HA?
What browser? Have you tried deleting the browser cache?

The issue is not so much being lazy as not providing us the information needed to make “educated guesses”. We are not long distance mind readers.

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Hi Bob. Sorry for my original post lacking enough detail. At the time of posting I was running HA 0.92.1, I’m on a Pi 3 B+, arch: armv7l. Access via Chrome on Windows desktop and Android. 2x iOS users. Rather than backtrack, I went forward - I noticed that v0.92.2’s release notes say this…

I’m using a Hue sensor, so maybe that was it. I also had a bunch of SSL handshake failures in my logs, and thought there would be no harm in installing NGINX SSL Proxy (never really understood how to get it running before, but caught a cool @DrZzs video last night which helped a lot)

So far, fingers crossed, I haven’t had that message again. Still curious what /app.7ac4ac3c.js:2:60391 points to - javascript resource I guess.

Anyways, thanks!

I was actually responding to @Milster who hijacked your thread.

Didn’t mean to, still getting used to the rules and replying to the correct thread within a topic

We can try and help if we have more information. Look at the link in the second post of this thread for ideas on what to post.