Help for automation charging ebike when solar is above x Watt and turn off smartplug when no power

It is 0 it can’t be something else because the smartplug if off or i’m i not correct?

Another thought. Try two automations. One enables charging, other turns it off.

Currently you have one automation with two triggers in single mode. It’s triggered the first time to start charging. It won’t fire again until it is ‘reset’. I don’t know what conditions are required to reset it but two automations is a quick and easy test

But smart plug isn’t turning off. You need threshold value when charging is on and completed.

Good luck!

I want to avoid 2 automations. I know it is possible to have 2 triggers in one automation…the q is what do I forget

The smartplug is off at the moment and 0 because the solar is not above 1000 watt

Understood. but that’s not the number you need. You need the power consumption when the smartplug is on with the bike and charger connected and the bike battery at 100%.

When debugging you have to try different things - that way you get clues to help you work out what’s wrong.

I’d have tried setting a higher threshold, say 10 and getting rid of time. Does that work if yes great, Try it for a while and see if you get false positives, if you do then maybe add a few seconds time hold.

If not then its probably nothing to do with the threshold - try two automations to see if it is a multi-trigger issue.

Get new info - it will help you get it working.

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