Help for installation with Hassbian on RPI3

Hi all,
I am a total noob when it comes to linux, and the inner working of the RPi itself.
I want to start playing a bit with HADashboard but I do not understand how to install AppDaemon properly.
So far (I think) I managed to install appDaemon using pip3. When I try the hello world thing I get what is expected. However I am stuck when I try to add the systemcd service by following the instruction in the official doc

I run the first command to create the new file, but then I am not able to copy the code as usual (I do not know why), also I do not know how to save it,…

Could someone provide a bit more extensive explanation or a video walktrough or something like a tutorial for complete noobs ?

after hours of battle I finally managed to get it to work.
I would be nice though is someone had a bit of time to do an extensive video of the installation (a bit like the BRUH’s automation videos for installing hassbian,, etc)

Bruh and I have been discussing doing something with AppDaemon …


That would be awsome ! thank you for your work :wink: