Help getting started with sleep

I have a Wemos D1 Mini for my experiments (name: wemosswitch). It currently works with various sensors, switches, etc. I want to experiment with deep sleep next. So, I solder the bridge from GPIO16 to Reset on the Wemos board. When I plug it back in to my USB port, the log shows that it won’t connect to wemosswitch.local
From the ESPHome console I edit the YAML for the device and add:

  run_duration: 120s
  sleep_duration: 0min

And, it still doesn’t connect. Ironically, I can edit and upload new code just fine.


  1. What is the result of running the code without the deep_sleep component, but with GPIO16-RST connected?
  2. What is the default value of run_duration and sleep_duration? (The docs only say the parameters are optional).