Help! HA *INSIST* on register and I can't get to my old frontpage

Dear all:

The only reason why I used Home Assistant is trying to set up an intranet based system that would function regardless of my internet connectivity.

After I updated my home assistance, now this thing is FORCING ME to register.

Well, I don’t want to. If i want a cloud solution, I would go with Google Home or Amazon instead of spending DAYS and WEEKS trying to tinkering things and trying to do it just right.

I have to say it’s a clever marketing/bait and switch on the HA part. They think since people invest so much effort trying to do this right, they will just sign up the cloud services.

My question to you all is, how to continue to use HA without the HA cloud? I don’t even want to register. It is the only way to make sure my home automation is internet-independent.

Thanks in advance

Wow somebody seems to be p***** off!

What HA asks you to do has NOTHING to do with cloud service registration.

The only reason to ‘register’, at least for me, was to enforce a user login - which will, as i understand it, later on allow you to define users, user levels and individual access rights. All good things, one would think.

My HA solution is still a local solution - and after I

  1. created the owner/user,
  2. entered my password once and
  3. agreed for the system to never ask me again (on each machine individually)

there is no difference from how I used it before.

Give it a try and let us know how it works for you.
And what you think about it.


^ what he said. Read the blog before you upgrade and you would see that this has absolutely nothing to do with the cloud.

We INSIST you read the release notes especially the part on the new authentication system that is now included in HA.
here the marketing material for your enjoyment


Don’t forget, cut off your internet connection before you start register flow.

Who knows if those guys send out my privacy information to somewhere in the sky.

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May be I am too old.

I have seen this kind of things before.

First step is always require one to register…

Then, at some point in time, they decided that authentication will be done in the cloud, and in effect force you to connect to the internet when one logs in. At this moment in time, they will say “all other functions will be still cloud-independent, we just need you to authenticate with us when you log in…”

Then, slowly, one feature after another, will be their cloud-dependent.

at some point, all cloud-independent feature will be EOL’d and no longer maintained…

In general, I’m more of a ‘glass is half full’ kind of a guy.

That said, I always have the option to leave when HA gets too cloud-heavy for me - and from what I read on this forum many others will do the same.
So far, my only components that require cloud-access are my Sensi thermostat (through Wink), my Ambient weather station, and my Ecovacs dumbbot vacuum (if I actually decide to let it have cloud access) - and the fact that these three actually need cloud access is not because of the general HA design/architecture. Everything else (approx 40 devices) does not even have access to the interweb.

The fact that the ‘registration’ you’ve been forced to carry out has been implemented for security and user management purposes is a very good thing in my eyes.

I have seen and followed discussions where people ‘have been hacked’ because they did not understand what opening port 8123 to the world, while not even having a UI password set, meant for their setup. This ‘registration’ - of a local account on your own hardware - is in my eyes a very good step in the right direction.


Doesn’t your router/modem force you to set a password as well? Even though it’s connected to the internet, it is not a cloud service. It just happens to be connected to it. And requires credentials so not everybody on your network can mess around with it.

And guess what happens when you install Linux: force you to set up a user + password.
What’s one of the first things a Mac asks you to do after turning it on for the first time? Setting up credentials.
You also can’t run Windows without setting up a local account.

I assume you would accept setting up accounts in all those cases. What makes HASS so different?


The differences is that HA as its own cloud services as well…

Which is in no way attached to your local credentials. The HA cloud account is an entirely different account. It’s like with your Windows PC. You have a local user (with password) on your machine, and you can also have some sort of cloud account linked to that. But you don’t have to. It’s just two separate products from the same vendor, where one of those is purely local.

Unless you connect it to their cloud service yourself, it’s not connecting to anything but what you tell it.

You need to read.