Help: doesn't startup on RPi 3B

Hi gurus, Im just a beginner of RPi and Hassio and met a problem as the topic. Maybe someone already got the same issue…

I just burn the latest Hassio image to TF and light my RPi 3B, but there is only big Hassio logo centered on the screen nothing happened and around 10 mins later screen black. I modified the system-connections/resin-sample with my wifi info.

Also I tried connect network cable and same problem.

I have no idea why it goes like that… Someone got hint?

Thanks in advance!

You need to access the web interface from a different computer at http://hassio.local or http://ipaddress (whatever IP your DHCP server has given it). is intended to be headless and all you will ever see is the Home Assistant logo on that box.

Oh… I see what u mean. Gonna try now. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Yeah! Its on! Big thanks dude! :):grinning: