Help installing inv-8851

Hi All

I am very new to esphome and have been trying to install the following github solution.

I have managed to flash my WBS1-V001 with esp-home.
But now I am unable to continue. I have tried adding repositries and editing the yaml file. But I get the error below.

Failed config

external_components: [source /config/esphome/packages/core-local.yaml:22]

Source is not a file system path, in expected github://username/name[@branch-or-tag] or github://pr#1234 format!.

I have read everything I can find and are not sure how to import this github project into HA.

Thanks Gareth

That tells me that you’re trying to install the local version. If that’s the case you need to make sure the packages and components/inv_8851 folders are present in the ESPHome folder.

Or you could try using a non-local version, so it fetches the content from Github.