Help, iPhone Sensors/entities on HA update only if Companion app is open, is it normal?

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Hi all!

Yesterday I installed HA on my Rasp 3B+, and I installed the iOS on my iPhone XS. It is really cool to have all the entities with iPhone informations, like battery % and charging status.

I could create some automations with Charging status, but what I found out is that these sensor/entities are updated only if the iOS Home Assistant Companion App is open. If it’s closed in background on Home Assistant the entities won’t update.

Is this right? Or I have some issues? Can I do something so that HA can gets the iPhone data informations without always have to open the iOS app?

I’m using the last version of iOS app.


Not related to your question, but since the IOS companion app update, my Phone app must be open as well to trigger any watch actions, amongst a list of other HA things.

Launching the app regularly will “train” the OS to start launching it in the background to provide updates. Unfortunately there’s no real mechanism to do regularly-scheduled background updates, but the sensors will also update with location changes. You can also remotely trigger location updates.

It can update constantly, but you must set application to share location “always”.
You can find it in iOS config or start from application settings in HA application - it will redirect you to mentioned iOS settings

yes it’s set on “always” for the share location, but it doesn’t work.

Same here.
Gave all the permissions needed (update location: always even when the app is not in use, update sensors every 20 seconds, etc. etc.)

I have automations based on “device_tracking” state (for example: my iPhone location and / or my iPhone connection type) which work only if I launch the app.

The app needs to be open and active in foreground. If the app is parked in the background automations do not work since the sensors values aren’t updating.

I hope an update that addresses this issue is released since without this the companion app is basically useless.

i have exactly the same on Android, even when in the house on the WiFi none of the phone sensors will update HA unless i open the app.

When the app is open things update instantly - for example changing phone from ringer to silent you can see this update in HA states instantly but nothing works unless the app is open which isn’t viable.

Someone must know something ?