Help linking Hassio data to UK Metoffice API

Hi Guys,

I have been collecting temperature data from my garden for some months now and storing this data in influx DB, which is great. But I’d ideally like to connect hassio to UK Meteorological office which collects real-time weather data. It’s possible to use their API to upload data automatically. But I have not idea if it would be possible to connect this to the data coming into hassio??

I know there are some really clever people here, so I wonder if someone could take a look at the website and let me know their thoughts?


Hi Matt

I’m interested in doing this as well with Home Assistant.

Currently though I am accomplishing it by using Domoticz and using a LUA script by Ian Dury - see for details. See also

It would be good if there was a way to do it in though Home Assistant though, but I don’t think my coding skills are up to creating something that would do the job!

Oh I would love to have this. Any progress?