Help me to choose Tv

Hello everyone,

We’ve just moved into our new home after some renovations and are now in the process of furnishing. One crucial aspect for us is getting the right TVs for our living room and bedroom. We’re thinking of wall-mounting both of them to save space and create a sleek look.

I’ve been scouring countless reviews online for budget-friendly QLED TVs up to 55 inches, but the choices are overwhelming. Can anyone recommend a great model?

Also, we’re curious about the TV installation process. Did you hire professionals or go the DIY route? If you did it yourself, could you share your experience and any tips? We’ve heard about; has anyone here worked with them?

By the way, we’re based in California, specifically San Jose. Your insights would be highly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

I like LG TVs.
They are integrated well in HA, although app is just showing as active and not what is being played in them, which is probably the same on most TVs.
The important thing is that the app store on the LG TVs has a lot of apps for any major and most minor streaming services and these are updated regularly, so it will be outdated in a year or so.

Mounting a TV today is not that hard as long as it comes with a VESA mount option.
The TV will have a VESA text followed by a number and then it is just finding a VESA mount with that number too. Some VESA mounts can span multiple numbers.

Sony with Android TV which integrates perfectly with HAOS