Help needed for kids voice level sensor


First i must say, this whole experience is from my own life.
I woke up today at 9:00 because my kids were screaming and playing too loudly. :wink:

What i want to do is audio voice level sensor that could record volume levels if they are constant.
I mean not for if something drops to ground but for over 1 second constant screaming.

I have picture of sensors and stuff i have but i have no idea how to start this project.

Could there be easy solution to install this by installing Tasmota or esphome or similar (I have tested both on some other sensors).

In the end this could work like this:
If sound level goes over 90 decibels for 1 second, then mark this in google sheet line and warn kids from chromecast audio that they are getting their cellphones locked if its not quiet :wink:

Did you ever get this going, I am looking for something similar…