Help needed - how to debug HASSOS installation that stopped working

After a few years of working, my HA installed on a Raspbery Pi suddenly stopped working - no automations, no web-ui, no terminal, SCP, Samba… only ping reacted.

When attaching monitor an keyboard right to the RasPI I can see a string of error messages, everytime I try to launch HA (ha command, even ha help fails), the first one is:

unexpected return pc runtime.doinit

I am very unexperienced with Linux systems and the internal structure of HA, so any kind of help would be highly appreciated.

First of all, I’d like to backup my config, but none of the folders I see in the documentation like /backup do exist… I assume I am looking in the wrong place, or maybe some mount missing?

Secondly, I would love to get this running again (worst case, I’ll do a fresh install after backing up the config) - any idea what this error message could point to, or where I should look to root-cause the issue?

HA simply stopped working without any change being done for months. Probably I should test the SD card…?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Testing the SD card should be the first step. If you have another card that you can spare and format with raspian or other pi system and see if it will boot.

Do you have any backups? If the SD died it may be very difficult to get a config directory backup.

I think it is starting the init of the OS which would make sense if the SD is failed.

Thanks AllHailJ!
Not sure I get how to test the SD card… Setup another card with Raspian, boot, then swap cards and test the old one? Does Raspian survive when I pull the SD where the OS is on???

My last backup is a year old… I don’t think I changed the config a lot since then, so worst case a fresh install will not throw me back to zero…

Any recommendation what kind of card to get to avoid this happening soon again?

If you have another SD you can install Raspian on it, then boot the machine with the new card. If it comes up you probably have a bad SD card.

Do you have a usb to SD card adapter? That would let you test it on a computer of your choice. From what I have read if you get a small SSD you have better reliability.

Thanks again! I ordered a SanDisk “Max Endurance” SD card, that should do the job. Will set the whole thing up from scratch and hope to be able to install the backed up config.