Help needed with Opensky automation filter

Hi all,

I have the Opensky component working, and it fires an event when a plane enters the airspace nearby with this information:

event_type: opensky_entry
  callsign: DLH8JF
  altitude: 9761.22
  sensor: opensky
  longitude: xxxx
  latitude: xxxx
  icao24: 3c64ae
origin: LOCAL
time_fired: "2022-08-17T21:01:25.037493+00:00"
  id: 01GAPSRT5D9JSH0A6T6Y6Q6J4B
  parent_id: null
  user_id: null

How can I apply a automation filter for specific callsign’s in these events?

So that I can run an automation when a specific plane enters the airspace here.

Any pointers would be helpfull, I could not find an example on the forum