Help on create multiroom controlled heating system

Hello, I’m new to Home Assistant, I configured it last year and I was able to integrate some smart devices/sensor that I have in my house and then I left it alone because I didn’t find it useful for my daily life.

Now I’m facing a problem in my house, that is north bedroom moisture and mold.
During winter we use a wood burning stove central to the house (single level) and the gas boiler only starts when the house is cold.
The problem is that hot air goes into the north room and its moisture condensate on walls.

The idea is to rise the north room temperature alone with radiators when it’s cold and the rest of my house is well warmed by the wood stove.

Right now I have:
A Sonoff zigbee smart switch (ewelink) that cuts power to the gas boiler when I want it to be turned completely off
A Tuya Moes thermostat with the sensor unit moveable that I use because the thermostat housing was too near to the stove.
These two devices were configured in the HA installation I made last year

Then I ordered some cheap temperature/humidity zigbee sensors to monitor rooms and outside temperature/humidity
I ordered a VMC double flux (Mitsubishi Lossnay VL-100 controlled mechanical ventilation) to be mounted on the northern part of the north bedroom, hoping it will lower the humidity in that room

I’m planning to order some smart thermostatic valves to control the opening/closing of each radiator in my house.

The idea is to turn on the heating in the north bedroom only, and close the other radiators when the stove is working or the rest of my home is warm enough and possibly control the VMC when moisture rise up.

I’m looking for suggestions/guides/hardware pieces to look for.
Thanks everibody and sorry for my bad english