Help reading values of SMA inverter


I’m relatively new to Home Assistant. One thing I cannot seem to get right is reading the values of my SMA inverter within Home Assistant. In the past I have been able to read them ‘live’ in Domotics, so somehow it should be possible.

Offcourse I have been reading a lot of other posts and information, before I poted this question here. That did not help me.

The issue is that I have an older SMA inverter. I installed a piggyback spoedwire module in the inverter myself. Uploading the data to the SMA portal works fine.
I do not have the possiblilty to enter a site or other webbased solution on the inverter. That is not possible.
As far as I know, the inverter has no modbus. At least, I cannot select a modbus option in the Sunny Explorer installation software for the inverter. It is also not visable when I login as an installer.

Could anyone help me please. And as I said, I’m a beginner with HA. I see some post, where I have to enter codes or other stuff, which I have no clue on how to do that.

Is this what you have tried?

I don’t know much about it myself. Should be some threads around about it.

You could also try my wrapper addon for sbfspot if you get stuck with the SMA integration.

It’s a bit more involved to setup though.

I’m using sbfspot. It connects to my SMA inverter and sends mqtt messages to HA. It works well for me.
I have a rpi with bluetooth support close to the inverter.
Can that be a solution for you?