Help RESTful Switch

Hi, I have a problem with a switch command with RESTful.

  - platform: rest
    method: put
    name: testblynk
    body_on: '["1"]'
    body_off: '["0"]'
      Content-Type: application/json

This is the command I have to send, basically in the body I have to send [“1”] to activate the switch, and [“0”] to turn off the switch.

It should be an array, I do not know how to format it to insert it in the yaml.

in this way the switch is not displayed

This is the documentation for the Blynk API:

The yaml you have works fine to send an array using an MQTT switch (I don’t have a restful switch to test with). Are you sure that it is the payload that is the problem?

    - platform: mqtt
      command_topic: switch/on
      state_topic: switch/state
      payload_on: '["1"]'
      payload_off: '["0"]'
Nov 18 10:59:40 switch/on ["1"]
Nov 18 10:59:46 switch/on ["1"]
Nov 18 10:59:49 switch/on ["1"]
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Well i’m not sure if payload is correct or not, but in that way the switch doesn’t displayed.

How can i do?


From what I can see, blynk relies on unencrypted sensor messages going out over the internet, which is highly insecure and definitely not something I would recommend to anyone.

But if that doesn’t put you off, I was just reading the blynk documentation and I saw this

Blynk HTTP RESTful API allows to easily read and write values of Pins in Blynk apps and Hardware.
API description can be found here. Warning: Blynk HTTP API still has GEO DNS issue. This means, for now you need to use direct server IP instead of hostname in order to make it work with 3-d party services like IFTTT.

which suggests you need to find the IP of the blynk server and use that.

But personally, I would download the blynk server to your local machine, have HA connect to that, and see what its log output is when HA tries to connect.

I can try with the exposed ip, but i already have 4 restful sensor (GET) and it works perfect…

Now i will try with direct IP

Thanks for now

I just tried with the ip exposed, and again the switch does not appear …
in the log I found this error:
ERROR (MainThread) [] Got non-ok response from resource: 400

the problem is that it seems to me to be correct… I tested the call of the rest with an online tool, and it seems to work!
I’m going crazy…

I can think of two ways to get more information.

Firstly, try enabling debug level logging for the component. See This might give you more information on the message being sent.

The other way I know would be to download and install wireshark, which would enable you to inspect the packets being sent, to see how they differ. But learning how to use wireshark is a considerable task.

This is why using MQTT is preferably to http, it is so much easier to debug.

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i will convert all code to mqtt, so it’s much simple!! thanks for all!