Help setting up a slider or other UI element to set a "one-off" schedule for thermostat automation

Hi all! I currently have a simple as pie node-red automation using a bigtimer to set my zwave thermostat twice a day. Once in the AM (warm the house up), and once in the PM (heat down for sleepy time).

I’m trying to find a way, in the Homeassistant UI, to have a slider or setbox that would allow me to do a one-time override of the NEXT setpoint’s time (and maybe even the temp too). For instance, I usually wake up for work at 07:30 and therefore bigtimer turns the heat on at 07:00; but tomorrow I need to get up at 05:30 and I would like the schedule to change for just that next day to start heating the house at 05:00, instead of 07:00, then it should resume the original schedule after this “one-off”…

Anyone know a way to do that? I’m not sure where to go with it. Thanks in advance if anyone can lend a helping hand here…


Bigtimer config:

Set Heat Temp config: