Help setting up Energy calculation

I am transitioning my energy stuff from Domoticz to HomeAssistant. I already have my solar panels added to HA, the only thing I need to migrate is the calculation of total energy generated. Domoticz has this built-in, and every once in a while I cross-checked the reported vaules with the web interface of my solar inverter.

I read about this on the forum before posting and tried to setup the Riemann sensors. In fact, I setup all 3 available options: Left, Right and Trapezoidal to make sure I got the right one. The Left vs Right does not differ that much, but the Trapezoidal is about 0.7kWh more.

Another thing is that these sensors do not seem to reset at 00:00 automatically, which causes the value to differ even more. If I take the current value, go back in time to 00:00 and subtract that value from the current one, it comes pretty close to my Domoticz readings.

How can I make these sensors go back to 0 kWh at 00:00?

Feed your Riemann Sum sensors to Utility meter helpers with a daily cycle.

Thank you, this worked!

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