Help setting up first time install with Adaptive Lighting

Hi. Complete newb here. Please bear with me.

I’m a long time Hue user with light automation set up via Kelvin. It works great but I’m looking to make the jump to Home Assistant and adaptive light management is the most important thing to replace so I thought that’s where I’ll start.

I’ve got Home Assistant OS set up in Windows Hypervisor. I believe this is the full HA OS.

Then I installed HACS by following the Initial Configuration docs. Then went to HACS > integrations > Explore and Download Repos > adaptive lighting.

Here is where I’m stuck.
Most instructions I can find say to go to Configuration > Devices & Services > Add Integration > search for Adaptive Lighting… but it isn’t in there.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Maybe nothing. I recall having to add a light via the configuration.yaml method before it showed up in Integrations. It’s been a while and have since removed it so mileage may vary.

What are you using instead?

It all looks right.

I’m assuming you have restarted Home Assistant? Maybe reset your browser cache or try a different browser?

No replacement. People here preferred manual control.

Just to follow up…
I followed the instructions here to get the VM pointed at my network connection and everything started working. I’m not even sure how I was able to access the web UI before. :grinning:

All set up now! Will probably be back with a million questions along the way! Excited for the journey into HA.