Help setting up Hildebrand Glow MQTT

I have just received my shiny new Glow smart meter. It is connected to wi-fi and gathering data fine.
I now want to set up the MQTT feed.
I’m following the instructions here…
[megakid/ha_hildebrand_glow_ihd_mqtt: Home Assistant integration for local MQTT Hildebrand Glow IHD (](GitHub - megakid/ha_hildebrand_glow_ihd_mqtt: Home Assistant integration for local MQTT Hildebrand Glow IHD)
and got to this point
[Glow — Local MQTT. Here at last … free upgrade in version… | by Joshua Cooper | Medium](Glow — Local MQTT. Here at last … free upgrade in version… | by Joshua Cooper | Medium)
I’m trying to connect straight to my HA. I have already got the MQTT Integration installed and set up gathering data from my Solar Assistant installation.
How do I add a second broker instance to take the feed from my glow?
When I enter the HA IP address in the glow MQTT settings it fails to connect.
I don’t currently have and authentication set up as it’s all local and I though it would be easier in the first instance. So I’m not entering any user/PW info in the glow MQTT setup.
I did try with my HA login details but that failed as well.
Do I need a separate mosquitto broker?
I was hoping not as I did have one set up but binned it as I didn’t need it for the Solar Assistant feed. Now I need to add a second feed but not sure if I can or how to do so if it’s possible.
Any help appreciated.

You absolutely shouldn’t need a separate broker: that’s not how MQTT works. It should take the same IP address and port details as you used for your solar setup.

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Thank @Troon, that’s exactly what I thought. But it fails to connect.
How do I get my glow meter to connect to my HA MQTT server?
If I try to add a second MQTT Integration or Add a device it tells me I can’t as only one is allowed.
Am I using the wrong integration?

You tell the Glow to use the broker details. If it doesn’t support MQTT discovery, or if you can’t get the HACS integration you linked in your first post to work, you’ll have to configure it manually.

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OK, I have the glow connected to my HA mosquitto broker.
I also have the [megakid/ha_hildebrand_glow_ihd_mqtt] integration installed.
The integration doesn’t seem to be picking up any data.
I have a feeling this is down to the fact that I have my Solar Assistant IP address set up in the MQTT/Mosquitto Integration following the instructions here
Is there another way I can get solar assistant set up so I can also use the glow integration alongside or am I going to have to configure them both manually as in your link (not confident on that but willing to learn :wink: )

Oh, I see — your Solar installation is acting as your broker.

If that broker doesn’t accept incoming messages from Glow (by putting the Solar IP into the Glow setup), you will need to instead set up an MQTT broker separately from your Solar setup: either as the HA addon or as a completely separate Mosquitto installation.

For example, I have HA and Mosquitto running in separate Docker containers on my NAS.

Instructions on the Solar site are here: Home Assistant broker setup with SolarAssistant

Thanks @Troon . I have just solved it by spinning up mosquitto on a separate Pi subscribing it to both the Solar Assistant and my glow HID. Forwarding both to the HA and both are now reporting data.
Not sure that’s the most elegant solution but it’s the only way I could get 2 MQTT subscriptions into the HA.

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