Help us name a Home Assistant installation method (Polls added)

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Maybe add the word ‘needed’?
‘Skill level needed’

Just a thought…

EDIT or just ‘Skills needed’ and in the column put ‘Basic’?

I’ve simply added a footnote.

Name Skill Level Supervisor Add-ons Snapshots OS Docker Method
Hub Novice (1) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Disk image (2)
Hubian Linux, Docker Yes Yes Yes No Yes Shell script (3)
Coretainer Linux, Docker No No No No Yes Docker container (4)
Core Linux No No No No No Python app (5)
Note Description
1 Ability to follow instructions to burn an SD card.
2 Burn disk image, for your model of single-board computer, to SD card or as a Virtual Machine.
3 Execute shell script on an existing instance of Debian linux on a dedicated machine.
4 Install docker container in an existing docker environment.
5 Install python app, preferably in a virtual python environment.

You know that that is all in the ADRs already, right?

This topic was raised about the name, you are redoing all kinds of work done already… Which is way off topic actually. Just saying :wink:

Perhaps you can help me find the information I’ve summarized in the table. Where is it listed in the ADRs?

To be clear, I’m not trying to be difficult; I am genuinely having trouble locating the information. I’m unable to find it in the ADR directory:

As for the PRs in that repo, I need guidance to find the full text of the proposed document. The links I follow seem to lead to fragments of the entire document:

Maybe everything I’ve summarized is already in the ADRs, but novices like me can’t find it.

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Marius, I would agree as I think these names are not ideal, they just don’t speak to me, I’ve seen Taras’s explanation of hubian and I’m thankful for that as it meant nothing to me until then and just leaves me nonplussed since.

Somebody up thread likened this to naming a car and I like that. Though the Volvo 480 GLS leaves me shrugging, pretty much as do similar offerings from BMW, Mercedes and Audi. (I think that basically leaves us with Ford and GM as exemplars). I think the name (whatever it is) should be able to be placed on a banner, either speaking for itself or at least peak interest like the ‘Mango’ suggestion.

Going to do a handful of polls in this post in order to get a better idea of where things stand.

These polls are all multiple choice, so you can vote for more than one option in each. Voting does not necessarily mean it’s your first pick or favorite choice, simply that you find that name acceptable/OK.

We are not trying to crown a winner just yet with these polls, simply trimming the list of suggestions down and getting a better idea of the types of names people prefer.

If you do not like a certain category of naming, please vote for that in the poll, so the community knows where to better focus their naming efforts. Hopefully this is not too confusing :slight_smile:

Names that indicate this method provides the whole solution:

Multiple choice allowed

  • Home Assistant One
  • Home Assistant All-In-One
  • Home Assistant Suite
  • Home Assistant Hub
  • Home Assistant Complete
  • Home Assistant Full
  • Home Assistant Full Experience
  • I like this category, but not these choices
  • We should not use this category of naming

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Names that indicate it’s the easiest method for beginners:

Multiple choice allowed

  • Home Assistant Easy
  • Home Assistant Snap
  • Home Assistant Appliance
  • I like this category, but not these choices
  • We should not use this category of naming

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Names that indicate this contains the operating system:

Multiple choice allowed

  • Home Assistant OS
  • Home Assistant Supervised OS
  • Home Assistant Image
  • Home Assistant JeOS
  • I like this category, but not these choices
  • We should not use this category of naming

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Familiar “streaming service” type names:

Multiple choice allowed

  • Home Assistant Prime
  • Home Assistant Plus
  • Home Assistant Max
  • I like this category, but not these choices
  • We should not use this category of naming

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Other names:

Multiple choice allowed

Note: I intentionally left out the explanations here, to see if you can figure out the meaning on your own.

  • Home Assistant Platinum
  • Home Assistant Gold
  • Home Assistant Genesis
  • Home Assistant Unity
  • Home Assistant Fuse
  • Home Assistant Environment
  • Home Assistant Source
  • Home Assistant Essential
  • I like this category, but not these choices
  • We should not use this category of naming

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Obviously some suggestions weren’t covered by these polls, there were simply too many. These are by no means final choices, so please continue to suggest new names.

Again, we are not trying to pick a winner here, but trying to eliminate some suggestions and trim the list down to something more manageable and start getting some frontrunner choices.

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Klogg, rather than belittle people by saying skill-level - novice (I’m not accusing anyone of this)
We should say - suitable for : - ‘everyone’
It just sounds more ‘inclusive’ than ‘exclusive’ .

I would comment additionally that I run supervised under debian (cough ! Well Raspbian on my production machine actually) and I’m comfortable doing that but would not describe myself as a linux or container expert. So I think the terms should be softened to be more gradated showing an increase in skill level across at least the first three if not four. Most idiots (me) can follow instructions as required by option 2 and my Linux skills are gradually improving.
It’s been a long time (~30 years) since I last used del *. * on an old (brand new to me) dos 3.1 machine, then spent the next 7 hours rebuilding the whole machine from the accompanying floppies. (edit: I had to take the company PLC programming laptop onto site the next DAY :roll_eyes: )


It’s why I originally suggested Supervised OS and Supervised but feedback was that the word “supervised” sounded technical and didn’t convey any understanding of the technology employed. Although I don’t feel it’s a technical term, I do understand how it may fail to convey the desired meaning.

As a result, I chose a different route which also attracted negative feedback. All this to say, it’s unlikely there’s one name that will please everyone. :man_shrugging:

Check, then I misinterpreted your post. I thought you meant you wished the devs would ask the community with decision making… Sorry about the confusion.

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Yeah I purposely didn’t use that word whilst going with the suggested heading, I agree with you, not for the first time in this thread… and like your alternative (‘suitable for everyone’)

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Thanks for doing the work on these polls. Is it an idea to link to these from the OT?

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I’m less inclined to continue refining that table since I’ve been informed that all of the information is in the ADRs and inclusion of it here is off-topic. Anyone who wants to know the relative differences between the installation methods, can read the aforementioned ADRs.

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Yeah, I agree, I personally have no problem with ‘supervised’
To be honest ‘supervisor’ was just the name given to the ‘layer’ that appears in so many HA Documents. Having read them and understanding its function it is fundamental. I don’t think we should apologise for that, it’s simply a small hurdle on the way to understanding ‘other’ installations. The price of moving on.
It is completely transparent on so what’s the problem and at least familiarises them with the term.

Sure, just added poll link in three difference places in OP (Staff notice, very top, very bottom of original post) and edited the thread title too.

Hopefully the results will help point us in the correct direction at least.

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It is listed in the original start post of this topic…

For full completeness, they can be found here:

They are described individually, as this is currently the technical writeup, it will be extracted later to documentation. The form of how it is presented is not the current focus. Table, story, questionary, all kinds of things could be done. However, the focus now is setting a baseline to work from.

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I suggest “Home Assistant Box” for the full OS version.

Keep wondering what an ADR or ADR might be, and where they’re kept?

I’m badly missing

  • Home Assistant Bad Ass Edition

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I’m still grinning about “HA – The Full Monty” :grinning:

Additional Dialogue Recording ?