Help with custom card install

need a bit of help with custom-card, running HA 12.2.
I have added custom:mini-media-player and that works fine but having problems with custom:button-card and custom:flex-table-card
The button card errors with "no visual editor available for custom:button-card " when adding card manually on the UI
The custom:flex-table-card errors with “cannot read property ‘map’ of undefined” and “no visual editor available for custom:flex-table-card”
I can see in lovelace dashboard/resources the following links
Is there anything else i need to do /check to get this working ?


It means exactly what it says, no visual editor is available so you have to configure it using YAML.

I would need to see your card config, but this is most likely caused by incorrect indentation of your YAML.

hi this may sound stupid, but i am kind of new to this so, here goes
when you say add to yaml , do you mean add the following in the ui editor, which is what i try to do and it referred me to add to lovelace dashboard

  • type: module
    url: /local/button-card.js
    or is to configuration .yaml, I think I have tried it in configuration .yaml but I think it came with an error

as for the card config for flex-table-card , there is a file called flex-table-card-example.yaml
which i have not put anywhere my understanding was you add the card manually and once you have the card up you add this configuration file in it.
I hope that make sense just to add some context , I am trying get esxi-stats displayed on home assistant

No. I mean you have to define the card in yaml. e.g. for the button card:

type: 'custom:button-card'
entity: sensor.sensor1
layout: icon_state_name2nd
show_state: true
show_name: true
show_label: true
label: label
    - grid-template-areas: '"n i" "s i" "l i"'
    - grid-template-columns: 1fr 40%

this is the bit i don’t understand, to put the above yaml configuration in i goto add card, select button and click show code editor and copy the above code in there and i get the error “Custom element doesn’t exist: button-card.”, so this is not where i put the code , so what is the correct location for this configuration yaml code or what is the name of the yaml file i need to edit, or do i create a new file and place it where ?

This is not either of the errors you mentioned in your first post. Hence I was not answering this question.

That is where you put the card configuration code. Usually a manual card would be used but really you can select any type of card, show the code editor, and replace the existing code. It’s easier as the manual card requires the onerous task of scrolling :slight_smile:

This new error you have:

Does indeed mean you have something wrong with how you installed it.

Have you tried using HACS to install custom cards instead?