Help with DuckDNS with Docker install on Debian Stretch

My goal is to connect Smartthings devices to HA using SSL. I’ve worked two days and feel I’m so close to integration.

Current problem: I am only able to access HA via my pi (where HA is installed) using IP:8123. When I try IP:8123 from other devices on my LAN, it just times out. On all LAN devices, just sends me to my router login (using http and https; using “www.” shows me Apache2 html index page). I’m trying to correct internal access before moving to external!

What I have done:

  • My file check came back as OK using cat duck.log (contains token and domain name). I don’t have DuckDNS config file because I didn’t use the Add-on.
  • Located my .pem certs and inserted filepath in yaml (and base url https://), but not sure I’m at that stage yet. These three lines are uncommented and HA says config valid.
    *SSLlab server test: “Assessment failed: Unable to connect to the server” (
  • Port forward 80 > 80 and 8123 > 8123 (FIOS Quantum router)

To sum up: can only access HA on pi using IP:port. Cannot access from other LAN devices or externally through DuckDNS :frowning: I feel like I did something bad internally, because last night my VNC refused to connect to pi anymore also.

TIA! I am learning this from scratch and I am not log proficient yet, so if logs will help I’ll have to google how to find them.

First to troubleshoot, try removing the SSL lines from the http: section of your configuration.yaml file. then restart HA.

Then try to get your HA externally using

that will tell you whether it’s dns problem or a letsencrypt problem.

Thanks, I was a bit out of my league with this so I reformatted my pi (I somehow messed up Homebridge during this process and really wanted this back) and plan to get a second pi to run for easier install :slight_smile: