Help with frigate notifications

Hi there, Im using the frigate notifications usign the blueprint Frigate Notifications v0.12.0.2.

I am trying to set it up that it will only send notifications when an alarm area is set (alarmo)

Right now, I have it setup with State Filter Entity (Optional) and have set my Alarm area as the entity. Then I added Triggered and Armed away to the State Filter States (Optional) section.

So in theory, only when the entity is in state Triggered or Armed away, then the Frigate notifications should be send. But its not working.

Any ideas?

alias: Camera Notify
description: ""
  path: SgtBatten/Stable.yaml
    camera: camera.boat
    notify_device: 1d0390853215562ed390721b52284fd6
    attachment: snapshot
    silence_timer: 10
    zone_filter: true
    state_filter: true
      - Triggered
      - Armed away

Can’t you just make normal automation?

Trigger: armed away
Condition: camera state triggered

Really you’ll also need to get triggered camera so you know which snapshot to send but I may misunderstand your setup

Thanks for the reply,

I figured that the blueprint takes care of most of this for me,
I just need to enable and disable the blueprint using the Alarm control.

The blueprint works perfectly when it works, I just want the ability to disable the notifications.


Blueprint just creates automation correct?


Just turn the automaton off or on based on armed state

Hmm ok good idea, will give this a go.


Yea thanks this is working well now.