Help with Generic Camera

I have a pool camera which i want to be able to turn off when using the pool. It is connected by POE to a ubiquiti switch and I can turn this port off with a call service button or entity card.

1 issue is that when I turn the port off on the dashboard the switch immediately turns back on then takes around 30 seconds for the port to actually turn off and the state to change. This is frustrating when someone doesn’t know how it works. Is there a way around this?

2nd issue is that the Picture Glance card shows the still image of the camera and when the camera is off it seems like it is still on. Is there a way to change the still image to something else when the camera is off?

Thanks for any help with this

I realised i can use a conditional card for this which works great.

Can anyone help with the 1st issue please

You have given no idea what integration you are using to turn it on/off


I’m using the Unifi integration which creates poe ports as entities.

Right so it is not your generic camera you want help with. Perhaps change your subject line and post some logs.