Help with HA SSL Windows

Hello All! I have been trying to get my ssl certificates setup with HA on windows with no luck. I got my signed certificates but when I try to direct HA to my signed certificates in configuration.YAML, HTTP module it boots with this error log.

Invalid config for [http]: not a file for dictionary value @ data[‘http’][‘ssl_certificate’]. Got ‘ssl/domain-crt.pem’

I know it has todo with how HA handles the file system in windows and I just dont know the right syntax,

Ive tried full directories eg. C:\ssl\domain-crt.pem…etc still with no luck.

Any Help?


Many people (Me included) got that error when Home Assistant did not have permission to see the file/folder. Are you sure you have permission to see the file?

I have the CMD window running as administrator on the windows 10 box. Should that work?

It should. If you have HA running as a different user, just check by being that user. Another thing I thought of is that there has to be a header and footer for certificates. Have a google and awe if the header and footer is correct with no random white space

I’m having the same problem. Even running as administrator I get this error like it doesn’t know what the files are. Can it handle the C:\ paths?