Help with history stats unit

Hello, I added history stats to my boiler , I want to see how long time the boiler was “on” in last 5 hours, but I have problem with the unit of measurement , I see it like this:
but its not show me like hours min and seconds , I want to see this value

maybe I need some template?
Thank you

The value is numeric so that it can be viewed in a graph that is why it says 4.37.
You could template it if you want, but then you won’t be able to graph it.

I dont want to graph it…
you can help with the template?

Something like:

{{ (states('sensor.sensor')| float * 3600) | timestamp_custom('%H:%M', false) }}
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thank you! its working

Nice! I also track my boiler run time, and I never really noticed that it’s displayed in decimal hours, instead of hours and minutes. I’m used to doing that kind of conversion in my head, but for most people a “normal” display would be more helpful. I’m going to use this template, thank you!

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