Help with installing/configuring hardware (homematic )

Hi everyone,

I am trying to setup Raspberrymatic on my home assistance, and I have bought a radio module kit for Rasperry Pi (HM-MOD-RPI-PCB).

I have followed the instructions here and uncommented the lines in config.txt

# Uncomment this to enable GPIO support for RPI-RF-MOD/HM-MOD-RPI-PCB

Though when running Raspberrymatic it doesn’t seem to detect the radio.


Can anyone help me troubleshoot this with any tips or ideas how to identify if OS is detecting the device?

Any help or hints will be highly appreciated.


Settings → System → Hardware → Three dots in upper right corner → All hardware

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Thanks @WallyR, that was quite helpful, I didn’t know about this option.

Unfortunately, I cannot identify any device that looks like the one I have connected to the PCB.

Do you or anyone else have any ideas how I can troubleshoot this? System logs (even though I don’t know how to access them)? Any other hints?

Then you might have to check the host logs.
Reboot the system (not just HA), which is done in same place as the All hardware option earlier.
Then try Settings → System → Logs → Three dots in upper right corner → Host

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Thanks again @WallyR. That one I knew, but it wasn’t conclusive.

I ended up using a Pi machine, and ended up that the device wasn’t working properly (it has to be assembled and soldered). After that, it was working properly and could be detected by the system.

Thanks for your help.