Help with motion activated light automation


I need some help with how I should structure this automation in Home-Assistant.
I want it as clean and simple as possible. If I can one automation will be preferred.

This is my entities:

  • binary_sensor.motion_sensor_1
  • binary_sensor.motion_sensor_2
  • binary_sensor.motion_sensor_3
  • binary_sensor.door_sensor_1
  • light.lamp_1

I want to turn the lamp on if:

  • The light is off
  • one of the motion sensors are detecting motion
  • The door is opened

I want the light to turn off again when:

  • The light has been turned on by this automation and not manualy
  • all motion sensors has been clear for 1 minute
  • door has been closed for 1 minute

Suggestions? I want a normal auomation and not a blueprint :slight_smile:

I suggest you try to figure it out yourself and if you get stuck then come back here and post what you tried or where you got stuck and we can help you from there.

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