Help With My First Device


I want to configure a device that basically sends a request to my Kodi machine. In this example, if I enter the URL below into any web browser, in my Kodi machine, it launches an Artwork Downloader (add-on) search:

http://myusername:[email protected]:88/jsonrpc?request={%20%22jsonrpc%22:%20%222.0%22,%20%22id%22:%200,%20%22method%22:%20%22Addons.ExecuteAddon%22,%22params%22:%20{%22addonid%22:%20%22script.artwork.downloader%22,%20%22params%22:%20{%22mediatype%22:%20%22movie%22}}}

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to configure HA-Bridge. Please see screencap below:

After adding this, I was able to detect the device name in my Alexa app - but obviously it did not work.

On a similar note, I want to be able to also send a command that executes a php and/or sh script on my server. my server has an internal ip of (HA-Bridge runs in a Docker on this server), I would want to execute a command like:

php /config/www/script.php


sh /home/

Unfortunately I could not find anything that provided examples that worked. Any help would go a long way in creating about a dozen commands I can control with Alexa.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



I tried following the guide here:

HA-Bridge Kodi

But I still cannot get it to work even with the code for the “Volume” in the guide. I have tried entering th URL in various places and either I get an OK and nothing happens; or I get the error:

Request Error, Pleae look in your habridge log: error {“type”:“3”,“address”:“/lights/4”,“description”:“Could not find url.”,“method_name”:"/lights/4

Can some kind soul please point me in the right direction?? :innocent::pray: Getting this to work would go a long way in letting me add a lot of functionality.

Thank you.


You might have better luck looking for an HABridge forum.

I thought this was the HABridge forum… sorry.