Help with noise on d1 minis running tasmota

I know this is not an electronics forum, but hoping some of you might have the knowledge or point me to a forum where I could find my answers. I did try an electronics forum I found at random, but they don’t seem very friendly.

In a nut shell. I have about 12 D1 Minis set up with tasmota. When I started experimenting I was using very cheap USB chargers, and learned the hard way about noise interference. I started to use hilink 5v power supplies on all of my d1 minis, and they have been solid!

I now want to upgrade my system. I purchased a 40 amp 24 volt power supply. I attached a 24v battery pack, so now I have a 24v UPS. I am using buck converters/step down converters. Using 19v to power the Beelink server, 12v to power routers and access points, and 5v for my tasmotas and sensors. Has been running for about 2 months, with 2 or 3 power outages and it has worked as expected.

I was able to replace two of my hilink power supplies with the buck down converter to 5v. (the ones running for about 2 months now). Well yesterday I decided to replace a 3rd hilink power supply, and down a rabbit whole I went.

I spent about 3 to 4 hours chasing my tail, until I remember how electrical noise can really affect the way tasmotas works. especially when there are buttons and switches set up. Once I put the hilink power source in play again, my setup went back to being rock solid as before.

I did confirm step down converters are known to create noise because they use coils. I have almost zero education on electronics. So far I’ve setup everything by following youtube tutorials but often not 100% sure of what is going on.

The two tasmotas I do have working with the stepdown converters only have one touch button each, and I am using a cat5 run of about 10 to 15 feet from the wall plate to the ceiling. I usually have the d1 minis in the wall plate, and the relays and power source in the ceiling.

The tasmota that doesn’t want to work with the stepdown has 2 touch sensors and 2 switches. Also it has longer cat5 runs. This tasmota is controlling the upstairs hallway light, the stairs light, the dining room lights, and the kitchen lights.

So the two questions I have are, am I correct in assuming the length of the cat5 cables is what is amplifying the noise created by the buck converters? And the second and more important question how could I get ride of the noise?