Help with Schlage Door Lock and Thermostat Setup

So new user here, just got it all setup. This is running on a Raspberry Pi 4 with Zooz 800 running Home Assistant OS. Good news is I got all my z-wave devices included, but I’m having a couple annoying issues that I hope people can help with:

  1. My thermostat is a Trane z-wave thermostat (TZEMT400BB32MAA). It has modes of Off, Cool, Heat, Cool/Heat showing in the Home Assistant. On the thermostat I also have E-HEAT. I’m trying to add that to the device or entity in home assistant. I thought I found the right spot by using the file editor and going to .storage/core.entity_registry and editing this line: {“aliases”:,“area_id”:null,“categories”:{},“capabilities”:{“hvac_modes”:[“off”,“heat”,“cool”,“heat_cool”],“min_temp”:44.6,“max_temp”:95.0,“fan_modes”:[“Auto low”,“Low”],“preset_modes”:[“none”,“Auxiliary”]},“config_entry_id”:“xxx”,“device_class”:null,“device_id”:“xxx”,“disabled_by”:null,“entity_category”:null,“entity_id”:“climate.trane_z_wave_programmable_thermostat_2”,“hidden_by”:null,“icon”:null,“id”:“xxx”,“has_entity_name”:true,“labels”:,“name”:“Upstairs Thermostat”,“options”:{“cloud.alexa”:{“should_expose”:false},“cloud.google_assistant”:{“should_expose”:false},“conversation”:{“should_expose”:true}},“original_device_class”:null,“original_icon”:null,“original_name”:“”,“platform”:“zwave_js”,“supported_features”:411,“translation_key”:null,“unique_id”:“xxx”,“previous_unique_id”:null,“unit_of_measurement”:null},

I changed the beginning to read {“aliases”:,“area_id”:null,“categories”:{},“capabilities”:{“hvac_modes”:[“off”,“heat”,“cool”,“heat_cool”,“eheat”]

I was able to save the file but when I restart home assistant my changes are reverted and I still don’t have an option for eheat.

  1. I have a Schlage BE369 that I successfully paired. I can see a few things about it and can toggle the lock/unlock feature, but I can’t seem to access the user codes to add/delete. Is there a better way to set this up? On my VeraLite this worked without any configuration or anything.

Thanks for the help everyone!

First, when you post any sort of code, please format it as code so it is readable - what you posted is not.


Second, messing with the .storage files can be a sure path to disaster. Make sure you have good backups before you do anything.

Lastly, if you are going to mess with the core files then you should have HA shut down first, then make the edit, then start HA back up again or it will revert. This is to say editing the core configs won’t generally work while running HA.