Help with scrape integration

I´m trying to get a value from a webpage. I believe it´s not a so complicated page, but I know nothing of HTML.
The page is Cortes Edenor, and the value is:

I see the header is “h5” in fifth position, but I can´t get that number.

I´ve been playing with differents options, with no success.
So any help would be highly appreciated.

To scrape the value you’re looking for from the webpage you’ve provided, you can use the scrape integration in Home Assistant. This integration allows you to extract specific data from a webpage by using CSS selectors or XPath expressions.

Here’s an example of how you might use the scrape integration to extract the value you’re looking for:

  - platform: scrape
    name: Cortes Edenor Value
    selector: h5:nth-of-type(5)
    attribute: text

In this example, the selector option specifies that the h5 element that is the fifth child of its parent element should be selected. The attribute option specifies that the text content of this element should be extracted as the sensor value.

You can then access the value of this sensor in your Home Assistant configuration like this:

{{ states.sensor.cortes_edenor_value.state }}

Buena suerte!

Thanks for the tip! Unfortunetely, it didn´t work.
The config is:

  - resource:
      - name: Cortes Edenor
        select: "h5:nth-of-type(5)"
        attribute: text

I´ve tried with a lot of combinations, with no results.

Gracias igualmente!