Help with secure connection tailscale

I was using cloudflare tunnel previously, but moved to tailscale,
I have installed tailscale on Nas/Phone/laptop/Nuc running HA …
I new to Tailscale and not the best to understand how and what i need to do to the following.

1, As cloudflare use ssl/cerf, I have not secure displaying on explorer. how do i fix
2, How can i use https ?? using Tailcale
3, do i need to add more secure…

No, just more reading

I keep with http. as its working
Reading up ?? tailscale tunnel is needed. to https if im right. and its in beta testing stage. so i keep to http. if i need https then i could go back to cloudflare…
But happy that i can view HA from Vpn even if on http

I believe this forum was called HELP, Let me know what i need to read ??