Help with setting SIM 800L GSM

Hey everyone,

I’ve set up a TTGO T-call with the GSM module. Work perfectly and provide a great backup to communicate with my HA if the internet connection or cloud connection is lost.

I’m just really bad at programming lambdas and whole this language. Can somebody guide me on how to set up a VARIABLE of multiple phone numbers which are allowed to remote this device on state SMS received? I’m doing it right now with only one phone number hard-coded in. Quite annoying. Please see part of my code below:

  id: sim800l1
  - lambda: |-

#digestor fan

  - lambda: |-
      if ( (id(sms_sender).state == "+420721111111") && ( (id(sms_message).state == "turn on fan") ) ) {
        delay (3000);
        id(sim800l1).send_sms("+420721111111", "fan is on");

I would love to have a variable something like “allowed-sender” and if the allowed sender sends sms command it will proceed with the command and reply command status to the same phone number.

And also I would like to publish the real status of the entity “digestor_fan” now I’m just sending it as a message regardless on the real state.

Thank you for anything


Hey, did you figure this out?

I can’t help you with the number part, but I’m using states as part of the message body, if you still need help there?