Help with SkyConnect Multiprotocol on Synology DSM 7 Virtual Machine

Hello, has anyone managed to get SkyConnect working with Multiprotocol in a Synology VM?

I’m able to use it with Zigbee2MQTT just fine with EZSP firmware.
However, when I try it with multipan (Z2M or ZHA), ZigBee refuses to work.
In the sillabs multiprotocol addon, whenever I try to setup ZigBee (fresh install ZHA or Z2M) - zigbeed restarts and the connection eventually fails on ZHA/Z2M.

I’ve been through multiple threads on both HA Community and Github to try different solutions but have not made headway thus far.

So wanted to be sure if this is only related to my setup or if it is a common issue amongst SkyConnect + Synology VM users.

I don’t use Synology VM, but there is an issue in general getting Zigbee2mqtt working with Multiprotocol. There is a fix that I’ve been using for a few weeks now which works, but it is currently only available through the “Edge” version of the zigbee2mqtt addon.

Z2M edge did not work for me either. :frowning:

Neither did ZHA :frowning:

I have same experience.
Running HAOS with VM on Synology DSM 7.2.
I can run ZHA with SkyConnect only with EmberZNet FW (ZigBee Single protocol). When I try to flash with RPC and install Addon “Silab Multiprotcol” I got Error without any description in configuration flow of ZHA. It connects to server but then fail on configuration.image

If I try again run configuration I got error 500 (service unavailable). So it looks like Addon could not handle requests from HA so fast and then fails on timeout.