Help with switch installation (hardware connection)

Hello to all.

As i am not an electrician, i would like some help with wiring a smart dimmer (switch) from MOES.
I am not sure, but i think i have purchased the wrong type so i would like to first confirm with anyone who knows.

My wall switch is this one:

When testing it with a screwdriver i always have power on L and then depending on the position of the switch, i either have power on 1 or 2.

Now the plan was, that would replace this switch with the MOES Smart Dimmer Switch. This one uses neutral wire as well. Here is the diagram:


Please tell me that i am not out of luck…

Thank you very much
Kind Regards

You are not out of luck.

You just need an electrician to run a neutral to the switch.

Thanks for your reply…

The whole story started because i have the MOES switch installed on my TV Wall Spot lights, but there is something very strange going on. I have 3 spot lights that were installed by an electrician but every time i turn them on, one or 2 lights are less bright. Each time, it can be a different light that is less bright… Here is an example:

This is the first time i turned them on and the right light is less bright than the rest.

The second time i turned them on the middle one is full brightness, the right is a bit more bright and the left is the less bright.

The dimmer brightness is set to 100% always. These lights are connected one after the other and they are powered from a plug. I cannot identify if the problem is the switch or the lights… Has anyone faced anything like this?

So what i wanted to do, is basically to switch the switches with my ceiling lights. Install the MOES to the ceiling light and my normal Legrand switch to the Spot Lights. I have already ordered 3 GU10 smart lights that i hope will solve the problem.

Running a neutral wire to the switch is not an option for me…

Guys i’d like to come back to my first post because i cannot really understand the set up.

There are 3 cables in the socket. I can easily identify the hot wire and the load, but i am not sure what is the 3rd wire.

As in the first post:

On the switch, there is a wire that connects to L and this has power always - This is my hot wire.
There is a wire connected to 2 and has power as well.

When i flip the switch, the power cuts from the cable on 2 and flows through the cable on 1 which is the load.

The question is, what is the cable connected on 2, and where the power goes when the switch is off?

I haven’t been able to find any schematics with this setup. Also, for me to provide an explanation why running a neutral is not an option, is because the house was build in the 70s and the walls are concrete. Making new paths for cables requires a grinder and patches. It would be cheaper to buy a Shelly 1L that don’t require neutral instead of cutting through concrete walls.