Help with variable motivation system/zone detection

Idk if this the proper place to ask for this kinda help or feedback.

First time posting but have been utilizing home assistant rarely extensively over the past year. Not even close to as deep as alot of you guys but I’m not a noob is the main point to be made


I am currently one of 5 men living in a sober living/recovery home. We are extremely big on supporting each other as well as holding one another accountable towards a clean/sober life. All of us have our own jobs and schedules so it’s difficult to pinpoint who’s home and what times ECT.


Currently the only smart home devices are my personal stuff like lights and media player ect.

What I want for the household, is to utilize a compatible smart lock + zone detection to be able to have a dedicated display to show who’s home/who’s away. This much I know how to do and is pretty straightforward

Here’s where the tricky part for me is.

While it’s easy to display who’s home or away, with it being a recovery house and holding each other accountable, there’s more info that we are expected to relay. Such as, our reason for leaving (is it to go to work? Go to a recovery meeting? Or is it something that is in violation and damaging to our recovery and possibly damaging to the rest of the household? ECT ect)

All in all the house president wants us to be logging our ins and outs and also when we’ll be back and why we left ect. Being as we’re all rebuilding alot to our lives and holding down jobs ect, it’s pretty easy for any one of us to walk out the door and forget to tell anyone we left or when we’ll be back.

So my absolute end goal here is a way to automate who comes in the house, what time they leave, and an ability to add some for of note when we do switch from home to away (state display? Input_text?) Ideally that info would be provided before the status to away, my rough idea is some form of sms reminder if no note was added (5-10 mins send an SMS if no additional info was given to say “hey you forgot tell the house what time you’ll be back or why you left” idk)

Does any of this make sense and if it does what would be my best bet at automating all this and what additional hardware may I need? (Hass already running on raspi4 connected to home wifi)