HELP: Z-Wave GE 12722 tripping GFCI Breaker and wall outlet

I am having an outdoor living area built and the electrician was here to install the breaker, wiring and the switches(I provided and tested them in the house first).

Everything works fine with normal switches, but when we attach the GE 12722 to the equipment it trips the GFCI.

Has anyone had this issue?

Can anyone confirm that these switches are supposed to work with GFCI breakers?

The electrician seems pretty competent but is there anything he could have done to wire the neutral up wrong?

Anyone know of another switch i can try that may solve this issue?

GFCI looks for balance between hot and cold AC leg.
If current is different (even small value like 5ma) it assumes ground fault and trips.

Zwave switch siphons power from Hot leg to operate I think. This may look like ground fault to GFCI. I am not sure how zwave switch power circuit is designed so this is just guess based on your issue and basic understanding of how GFCI operate.

If this is the cause, I would expect any workaround for this to affectively negate the purpose of the GFCI. So likely need to add switch into separate AC branch without GFCI or use zwave switch that doesn’t use neutral wire(I assume these may receive power in different manner and allow GFCI function but…who knows)

Are you using LED, halogen or florescent light?
Same result with halogen?

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I found this post. does this sound like it could be my issue? I looked in my panel but i dont know what the issue could be.

Yes. Definitely may be improperly wired