Helping users provide good information - Support Request "Bundle" Functionality

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Hey all!

I have had the pleasure of using Home Assistant in my home since the days well before HASSIO.

Over the years I’ve noticed, as things have involved to include the large variety of different methodologies (and firming up of definitions in names), it’s a continued question of “How did…I actually install Home Assistant?”.

It can be brutally confusing. That’s not a travesty. It’s not a awful thing. It’s simply something that is rapidly improving over time due devotion to pushing towards maturity.

As I poke around to try to find an answer to my own odd problem today, it occurred to me that, in large scale Enterprise systems, there is frequently a method for generating a Support Bundle, these vary wildly in quality and amount of information they contain. Some include excruciating detail, and some very little.

And while I realize that /hassio/system has a nice chunk of information, here are my thoughts:

  1. Consolidated View
  • Similar to the Hardware button on /hassio/system introduce a Support Information button
  • This would be a one stop area to copy out aggregated text information about the configuration.
  1. More information about the configuration.
  • Centralize the information elements found under Supervisor / Host system / Hardware`
  • Collect more information about features that are being used. Are some features being blocked due to a manual entry in the configuration.yaml? Looking at you time_zone !
  • Optional sections to list what Add-On’s are installed.
  • Optional sections to list what Integrations are configured.
  1. Comment information
  • When a user is setting up for the first time, ask natural language questions about how the configuration was/is being performed. Ask if they they used a guide?
  • Pop up as a notification after a large number of lines are manually edited in a configuration file?
  • This information would be aggregated into the Support Information feature.
  • Stress that these comments aren’t collected and used for data mining.

Forgive me if this isn’t the correct place for this topic.