Here is the thing about automation that bother me

Ok take this one into your frame of mind.

A thought experiment.

The crap that always goes with automation.

Let’s say ya have 4 people with different ‘likes’

It reminds me of the ‘dim the lights’ when playing a movie’ and there is one that wants to read a book conundrum i is even into the how to.

How do you ‘solve’ this ?

the founder of this project has a very sane idea about this: It should work for_you_ otherwise it makes no sense .

And there is the problem. I have a small house with limited space and so on. So if she watches a movie and I read a a book mmmmh.

The obvious way out is go away and read a book. Or other way around.

Then again then the automation does not work for you. So uhmm rap not work

And bluettooh and so on does not work. From where I am writing this is 1 m away from my wife.

I just do not see (right now) how you solve this and wonder if it is

Like I said food for thought…

  • You’re both in the same room.
  • She wants to watch a movie and have the lights dimmed.
  • You wants to read a book with the light brighter.
  • You both want to occupy the same space yet have different needs.
  • Not everything is solved by Home Automation. Put a table lamp next to you while reading and give her some headphones to watch the movie.
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Like i said @123 something that does not add up.

Are we in the same room / yes
And are do she do she be in the same room / no
And it is i Leque / yes

Like said something to think about :wink: And I am well aware.

Like i said I do not know it simply querious

I am looking for that one thing that gives me an “new train of thought” … “not so much about what I cannot do”

I make it easy for you.

  • There is no hardware in the world that can do it for you right now. Plain simple truth

  • It is a fairy simple question

  • Can HA do it. No.

So there it is. So let ya mind go nuts and think of something :wink:

How tech it build :wink:

Respectfully, I don’t understand your reply. Her presence in the room is beginning to sound like Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle.


Now that is exactly the question @123

Thank you for calling me out to redefine it and how to deal with it in the “automation” overall. That makes 'present a non solvable in our age for now. And begs the question on a reasonable “middle ground”

You can agree with me on that question right? Both (more or less) in the same room, both doing different things. Hmmm.

Or am I missing something?

I think you’re trying to spark a conversation and get philosophical, but there’s nothing to discuss because lights and sound don’t physically work that way. The solutions to the problem are simple in nature:

  • move to another room
  • deal with light when the movie is on
  • put on headphones
  • deal with sound when reading a book.

I could go on, but what’s the point?


Exactly - not everything can be solved by an algorithm.
Otherwise we wo all have well-trained managers by now wh treat us exactly the right way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yes it is philosophical like i said tech is not there yet @petro.

And they do are interesting imho.

I travel with the train, and I shit you not, most people wear wireless earbuds in my country (NL). So again …how does that work? Location wise … It works in the train. so how do we make that work at home and relatively not far apart.

Ok let me put it like this.

I found out that now with HA ya can ‘recognize’ things with tensor and use it in automation.

Think wide … not small. Not what is not possible_ but what is. For all i care what HA is about.

For instance if my wife comes home she wants the bedroom light on. I do really not give a shit. with tensor we can it seems …

Now when I sit on the couch with the wife what do ya do? automations wise. Yes you cannot automate that or is it?

My light on her’s not?I do not know the point of the question

I think automation works best when you’re not trying to share the same resource (in your case, the light in a room) at the same time…the reason people can do their own thing on the train is that they each have hardware which they are not sharing.

Finding better and better use cases for home automation is indeed tough, but there are little things that can be done which really help things out…one such thing is Google Home’s account recognition by voice, this allows you and your wife to start vastly different scripts depending on who’s asking, and in combination with Chromecast I’ve really loved the fact that we can each be logged on into our own Netflix & Youtube profiles to continue where we each left off.

With HA, the latest thing I’ve done is a script that is triggered by saying “Good Night” to Google Home, which checks the window sensors and uses TTS to inform me whether any have been left open (what I like to call a slasher movie-inspired script :smiley: ). I love it, it works every time and it has improved my peace of mind.

As for your issue, I’ve been considering Xiaomi vibration sensors…like, most people that live in a house have a favorite spot on the couch, so you could design an automation which could run for you only if your wife’s favorite spot is not currently occupied. The best advice I’ve seen regarding home automation is to keep a log of everything you do during the day, see what is repetitive (and hopefully relatively predictable) and automate it. It doesn’t work for everything, but you might be surprised by your findings.

Haha @johnflorin I read it and think “yeah” that makes sense.

And you make a interesting point “each have hardware which they are not sharing” and how you use it … The wife and I do not really give a fucking shit where I or her are. We always know.

I think hardware “overlaps”

And there is the question how a direct a location do you want ? GPS is not really up to the job and Galileo … well see.

@johnflorin thank you for expanding my thinking. Did not know we got to this point.

PS oh for anyone who thinks I am stalking my wife, she cannot travel with large crowds: agoraphobia,she calls I come get her. Actually Ha has been a live-saviour and we love you for it

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This is the latest issue I’m trying to tackle, it seems very tricky if you don’t want to use Bluetooth (or can’t, in my case, because I’m not running HA on a Pi, the only supported BT platform)…I will attempt to enable presence detection with WiFi router connection + GPS + some movement sensors or rules around the house.

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