HestiaPi and Home Assistant

Has anyone tinkered with this open hardware thermostat?

I sourced all the parts and built one, only to discover that the software they release is really not designed to be a slave to another automation system, rather to be your automation system. It’s running openhab, and honestly, it seems like a really weird design choice.

Anyway, I’ve done a bit of reading, and found a thread on their forums about bridging the mqtt broker with my own, and then use the mqtt integration to write messages over that bridge. Which could work! I’m just curious if anyone’s already done this, and how they did it.


It is literally just a raspberry pi zero powered by the therm wire, controlling 4 relays, and sporting a temp sensor and a touch display

I see no reason it could not be configured to operate as an MQTT climate entity, you could even install some other linux os on it if you want

Yep, the tought has crossed my mind. I dont need their software, except… theyve already done the work, so if i CAN use their software it saves me a bunch of time and aggravation.

Or if someone here has already done the work… Which is why I’m asking.

My thought was, rip out openhab, determine which relays do what, and start writing code. but to be honest, im not a great coder. So if someone has something already built that gets me most of the way there, that’d be awesome.

Thanks for the reply!

They have the GPIO pinouts listed in their hardware specs, so there is not much work to be done, and since their code is open it should be easy to port