Hide automation from Automation Editor

I have some automations that I’ve created manually in automations.yaml.
I’m aware that if they don’t have id they won’t be editable via UI (according to docs: https://www.home-assistant.io/docs/automation/editor/)

Currently, Automation Editor is showing all my automations, those I created by hand and those created by the editor.

Is it possible to hide some automations (those I’ve created by hand) from the editor?
According to docs we can use automation and automation_old, but is this the only way? WIll it stay in Home Assistant or maybe this option (automation_old) will be removed?
How else I can hide them?

@Misiu did you ever resolve this?

Sadly no.
HA is moving away from editing things via yaml, so I think this feature won’t be added. But I really would like to have that option.


I’m so much better organized now by function (thx @123 ) having a separate /automation directory, replicating akin to Windows explorer (I’m not much organized via *nix nor one big file). Therefore a tad concerned what your inference; if you have a minute, could you indulge me :slight_smile:

In the past, all integrations were configured using YAML format. A design decision was made to cease this practice and, over time, convert to configuring (certain types of) integrations exclusively via the UI. The configuration data is stored as JSON in files within a hidden directory (to discourage direct editing of the data).

Automations continue to be defined in YAML and this is unlikely to ever change. The automations one creates via the UI are stored in YAML format.

…phwew :relieved: was concerned … I think. Much to stay abreast in the midst of your earlier help, slight distraction by this, thx for the detail…!