Hide Hangouts Card

I have successfully configured hangouts notifications but I haven’t figured out how to hide the hangouts card on the overview page. I have tried numerous approaches but none seem to work. Am I missing something obvious?

The only way to hide things on the overview page is to overwrite the default view. When overwritten, you only specify things you want to have appear.

Also, second thing to note. I’ve never used hangouts, so I do not know what it looks like in the UI. It’s also possible that because it is a notification that it will persist on all pages regardless of configuration.

Take a look at customizing entities in the docs. You should be able to set hidden: true for that entity.

Or start using lovelace. :wink:

hidden: true does not work in the customization config, however if I modify the json and add it from the states gui it does hide. Seems like it might be a bug.